Afstan, our zombies, pomo psyb, and reactionary scum

Some excerpts from Terry Glavin, writing as a polemicist (our Swift? “…a hatred of hypocrisy so strong…”):

Among the many defining features that unite the left and the right wings of reactionary isolationism in the rich countries of the world, abject moral squalor is perhaps the most noticeable and repulsive…

…moral leprosy has metasticized, and like so many undead zombies, “anti-war activists” require nothing but their own pathological solipsism to survive, and only a steady feed-supply of lies and deceptions to corrupt every debate about Afghanistan they choose to infect…

…the zombies do not want you to see Aisha’s face. But Aisha knew what she was doing, and why

They have “problematized” the debate with a barrage of postmodernist psychobabble about “the other” and “objectifying” Aisha to “reify” imperialist fanatasies…

One lie after another. One filthy slander after another. One deception after another. Why?

This is why the zombies don’t want you to see Aisha’s face…

Reactionary scum are reactionary scum, the world round.

Indeed. More from Mr Glavin on what I term “moral vacuity“.  One might propose more modest attitudes.  But why?

Update: A comment on Mr Glavin’s post, at his own blog:

vildechaye said…

That people brought up and educated in Canada and the rest of the Western world would react this way is horrifying and seemingly unbelievable, but by now hardly surprising. And you just know that if and when the troops are pulled and the atrocities begin full-force, these same people will blame America and the West for “creating the conditions that brutalized the population” or some other such nonsense. I just wonder how they sleep at night, and how they will sleep once the full horror of what they’ve unleashed becomes known.


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