“Important Guest Lecturer”, or, Obamaboring (fizzless in Gaza?)

Who’d a thunk it from the inspirational “hope and change” campaigner?  Choose your image.

I watched, almost snoozed through, the US president’s press conference this morning, video and transcript of answers here (“A couple excerpts”, lord help us for want of an “of” in the White House staff).  The conference was apparently supposed to rally the troops for the, looking lousy for the Democrats, congressional elections–a nice précis of those prospects here from Norman Spector.  But the president was no barn-burner, more a barn-douser.  Came across as something like an Important Guest Lecturer.

The only moment of real personal fizz came when dealing with the Cordoba whatever in Manhattan (more from Adrian).  Dubya’s press conferences had at least some humour.  For what that is worth.

Predate: Then there’s the other currently really important Democrat:

Princess Nancy’s royal visit/Royalest jelly Update


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  1. Nicola TimmermanNo Gravatar says:

    I think it was Dennis Miller who said today how sad it is to see such a lightweight representing America. He is a like a photocopy of a photocopy of himself getting dimmer all the time.

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