Unambig daily digest: Issue 1

Posted April 8th, 2012 in Canada and tagged by Adrian MacNair

Just a collection of links, pictures and esoterica.

Because this excuse works so well with the wife

I really thought the Conservatives were going to find a deep hole on this one, hide inside for a while and scuttle the F-35 fiasco where nobody could find it. But instead you’ve got defence minister Peter MacKay coming on television in order to make some ridiculous claim that the $10 billion discrepancy between the government figures and the auditor general is “a different interpretation” of accounting.

Oy vey. This is pretty shoddy excuse-making, Peter. If this were an excuse-making competition and I were one of the judges, I’d give that swan dive a four out of 10. I’m not sure how many hours it took to come up with that one, but I’d fire your joke writer. Look, if you knew the actual costs for years and kept telling Canadians a different number, you can call it “a different interpretation” all you want. Us regular folks call it a “bait and switch.”

Ridiculously stupid people are everywhere on the Internet

I don’t know how or why Internet meming started, but it’s reached epic proportions. These days all it takes to get some stupid meme going is to find a random picture without knowing the identity of the person, the context of the photograph, or anything at all about the subject matter, and then make a joke about it using lettering on the photo.

The latest craze is some guy who was snapped looking casual while running a 10k race. Dubbed “ridiculously photogenic guy” there’s now a Facebook fan page, literally hundreds of thousands of meme jokes, and women everywhere wondering if this fellow is single. You know what this indicates to me? We need a violent, bloody, third world war, because we clearly have far too much time on our hands. Any of these bozos still camped out in New York City whining about the one per cent and the 99 per cent need only to look at Internet meming to realize that, if anything, life is too damned relaxing.

I call this “little brother feeling left out so he acts up syndrome”

I’m not quite sure why atheists feel the need to harass Christians on holidays with self-righteous nonsense. And I write this as an atheist. If you don’t believe in God, good for you. Then stop caring about it and let everybody who does believe in God do their thing in peace. Unless they’re crucifying you, it’s not really harming anybody, is it? If you think something is silly, ignoring it is a far stronger statement than validating it by setting yourself at odds with it.

Sadly, the blogs still lead the media in investigative reporting

Racist shooters go on killing rampage of black people in Oklahoma, reports the CBC. No possible motive is mentioned in the article, but according to the Blaze, this incident might very well be an American History X version of retribution by a man whose father was killed.

Hubris, thy name is Apple

Rejoice, for every snobby Mac user who, when you told them you had a computer virus, showed no sympathy and instead told you to go and buy a $3,000 Apple product instead.

Eye colour: Not sure

I was doing a self-portrait with my camera and when I increased the light I realized my eyes aren’t just brown like I’d always assumed. Looks like when the genetics fairy was handing out colours he hid my father’s green eyes in there somewhere too.

Personally, I think eyes are pretty awesome.

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